Frequently Asked Pinewood Derby National Championship Questions

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have or read through our list of FAQ to find the answers to the commonly asked pinewood derby national championship questions.

Q: Who is invited to race?  Do I have to win my Pinewood Derby district race to come?
A: Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to come race either live or by proxy.

Q: How much does it cost to race?
A: The cost is $10 per car.

Q: What is the track length?
A: This year we are racing on a 4 lane 63′ Best Track!

Q: Is there an Am classification for this race?
A: Everyone will compete together for the Nationals.

Q: Is there a specific division for the kids?
A: No.  All competitors will race together regardless of age.

Q: Is there a prize for the overall winner?
A: We will crown class champions but we will also crown the overall National Champion that turns out the best performance in all the classes.

Q: Can I relube my Pinewood Derby car during the race?
A: NO.  Nothing can be done to the cars once they have gone through tech in to make it fair for the proxy racers.

Q: Is there a show division?

Q: Can I test my Pinewood Derby car before the race?
A: The main track will not be available for tuning. Please arrive with your cars ready to race!

Q: Is it safe to ship a car and how do I do it?
A: It is very safe and simple to ship cars.  League racers race by proxy every month.  The most affordable and simple way I have found to ship a car can be purchased at www.derbydad4hire.com.