2020 Pinewood Derby National Championships

May 23rd, 2020, Eagle Mountain, UT
Crowning the fastest Pinewood Derby racers in the USA!

Racing Begins In:








2020 Pinewood Derby National Championships and SCOUT Championships

Pinewood Derby® racing is a huge event for many different organizations all over the Country with hundreds of thousands of cars being raced each year.  The competition is fierce but there has always been something missing… a race to crown a National Champion and a National SCOUT Champion!  The leaders in the industry, Pinewoodderbyonline.com and DerbyDad4Hire have stepped up to bring you the 11th annual official National Pinewood Championship race to find the best of the best.  There will be 6 different classes to choose from that will accommodate nearly any Pinewood Derby® car ever built.  This is the climax to the Pinewood Derby season!

MAY 23rd, send your cars in to be raced by proxy!

The biggest challenge of holding a National event is getting the best together in one location.  EVERYONE is welcome to race!  You can send your car or drop it off to be raced by proxy. There will be a first class live broadcast of the race to watch from the comfort of your own home.  Everyone has the best seat in the house. Your cars will be handled by experienced Pinewood Derby® professionals to ensure the safety of your Pinewood Derby® car.  If you are unsure how to mail them safely click here for a simple, safe and affordable method.

Race held at The Pinewood Performance Shop

This is a 1st class venue to hold a Pinewood Derby race and the home of PinewoodDerbyRacing.com! All proxy cars must be received by FRIDAY MAY 22nd!!!!

Mail all proxy cars to:


3882 Barton Creek Dr

Eagle Mountain, UT 84005


The race will be held on a state of the art 4 lane 42′ Best Track with a custom roller bearing starting gate system and custom stop section to ensure a consistent fair race for all entrants. Pinewood Derby® is a registered trademark of the Boy Scouts of America.  This National Championship is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.

How to ship cars for proxy racing

Get your shipping boxes HERE

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