Event Schedule

The 2020 Pinewood Derby National Championships is coming to Salt Lake City, Utah! We will run the 2020 event on a 63′ Best Track.

Thursday, May 21st- Tech in begins at 5pm and ENDS at 8:00 pm for all live PRO racers. All live PRO racers need to be at tech in by 6pm.  All proxy cars MUST BE received by Thursday the 21st. Cars will remain in impound until after they race.  We will try and leave cars bagged until race time if it is requested.

Mail all proxy cars to:
John Halliburton
3882 Barton Creek Dr
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

Friday, May 22nd- Racing begins at 9 am Mountain Time!

Order of classes:

  • BASX
  • PRO
  • Razr (Eliminator)
  • Unlimited

Saturday May 23rd- Check in begins at 8 am Mountain time. Racing begins at 11 am Mountain Time!

  • Scout Championships (Ages 6 to 16)
  • MASTER Scout Championships (Ages 6 to 16)

Please be on time! Make sure your cars are shipped in on time if you are racing proxy! We are going to be on a tight schedule.